(Affirmation of Baptism)


Students in grades 7 and 8 prepare to be confirmed at Lord of Life. The program is two years and the 8th graders are confirmed each year. This experience has several parts.


Classroom instruction. A confirmation curriculum entitled “Here We Stand” is used for instruction. This is an energized program with powerpoint and music. The class meets Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:45, September thru May. The 2nd year students (8th graders) are confirmed in late May each year.


Confirmation Mentors. Each confirmand chooses or has a mentor selected for him or her. The purpose of mentoring is to encourage young people to grow in the image of Jesus Christ through a relational experience with a caring Christian adult from the Lord of Life Community. Confirmands are assigned frequent faith questions to discuss with their mentor. Throughout the year there are three “Dine and Dialog” events scheduled, which encourage one-on-one dialog between confirmand and mentor about their faith as they enjoy a meal together.


Community Service. Confirmands and mentors together perform a major community service project and also complete 4 hours additional service of their choosing either within Lord of Life or other community activities. Each year that translates to over 200 hours of service completed by mentors and confirmands.


Social. Fun activities are planned by parents each month to provide the confirmation students an opportunity to have fun and fellowship with their peers and prepare them to be active members of the Senior Youth group as they are confirmed.