We are blessed to have a very active Christian education program here at Lord of Life Lutheran church. We have learning opportunities for both children and adults.


Children’s Sunday School

There is Christian Education for all youth from age 3 up through high school. In the fall we kick off the school year with a Rally Day which includes clowns, games and other activities as well as good food.



To help each other learn and share in the activities, students are asked to commit to these rules for appropriate and respectful behavior:

  • I commit to treating my teachers and helpers with respect.
  • I commit to treating my classmates as I would like to be treated.
  • I commit to being a helpful and courteous member of the class.
  • I commit to respecting the Sunday School rooms and their contents as well as all areas of the church.
  • I commit to learning about our awesome God!

We appreciate you talking with your child about this commitment. Thank you!

If you haven’t registered your child(ren) yet, please do so as soon as possible. Registration forms are in the narthex and the suggested donation is $5 per child (up to $15 per family). The following 3rd graders were presented with a Bible during worship on Rally Day: Ethan Ackerman, Paisley Backstrom, Luke Boyle, Carter Felderman, Easton Felderman, Corwyn Harvancik, Macy Pollitt, Jolee Strohmeyer, Timothy Troftgruben, Dominic Stache. Sophia Gillen, a 3 year old, received a Spark Story Bible during worship on Rally Day. School
November 6 Bible Faith Stone in Sanctuary (3rd/4th gr. & parents) Opening in a classroom for the rest of the group
November 30 Sunday School Service Project
December 4 Program Rehearsal and Regular SS Lesson
December 11 Christmas Program Rehearsal
December 18 Christmas Program Rehearsal 9:15 Christmas Program DURING 10:30 a.m. Service
Thanks to all that have volunteered to teach, sub, and help with SS opening. If you would still like to help, please contact Heather Felderman, 557-7379,

Adult Education

We have a variety of different classes throughout the year that should appeal to everyone. The classes are at 9:15 a.m between our worship services. Sometimes a class may focus on particular books of the bible, or may deal with certain social issues of our time.  A schedule is posted in the fellowship hall. Come join us.


Family Ministry Committee

The Family Ministry committee works with the Pastor and the congregation to recognize the faith growth of our youth from birth to high school graduation and we call these milestones, “Faith Stones.” Throughout the year, the 3rd and 4th graders will explore the Bible during a few sessions held for families during the Sunday School hour. We will also be working with 5th graders and preschoolers throughout the year. Watch for details!


Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School in the summer is a great opportunity for persons of all ages. Children 3 years of age through high school have the opportunity to attend as a student, volunteer as a helper or leader, and engage in a week-long program celebrating the love and good news of Christ. Through fun activities, stories, skits and drama, snacks, games and song, children participate and learn first-hand the teachings of the bible.


Soles for Souls!!  247 Pairs!!

The VBS kids and their families donated 81 pairs of shoes to the global non-profit organization Soles for Souls.  These shoes will be distributed to kids and adults in poverty stricken areas around the world.  Pastor challenged the congregation to match the VBS gift of 81 pairs of shoes. The kids all agreed that the congregation would not be able to beat them!  The congregation brought in another 167 pair making the grand total 248 pair of shoes!! Thank’s kids for challenging everyone to do such a remarkable job!!

The VBS kids also gave $175.25 for the local non-profit organization Shoes That Fit.  This money will allow approximately eight students in the Dubuque area to have a new pair of much needed tennis shoes or snow boots this school year!


 Thanks to all that contributed by showing God’s love to others in need!



As with previous years, enrollment continues to increase each year, making Vacation Bible School better than ever, and so much fun for all who participate. And it would not be as terrific as it has become without the many volunteers that make it all happen through their enthusiasm, energy and hard work.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Church office at 563-582-7371 or email .  


Fifth Grade Communion Instruction

Instruction is provided for 5th graders and their parents in the spring of the year for those wishing to receive their first Communion and for those already taking Communion.  First Communion for these students is taken during the Maundy Thursday service.