Current Events:
Mission and Outreach would like to thank everyone who so generously supported our two projects this summer. One was a local project and one was a global project. Our Apples for Students campaign helps St Mark Youth Enrichment Center buy school supplies for needy children in our own local Dubuque neighborhood. Because of your generous contributions, we collected $278.00 from LOL members and we hope to receive $100.00 of matching funds (50%) from Thrivent Care Abounds in Community, giving us a total of $378 for St Marks. Awesome!!
Collecting school items for Lutheran World Relief school kits was our global project. Mission & Outreach hoped to receive enough items to complete at least 30 kits. Through your generosity, we received enough school items to complete 42 kits. Fantastic!! We also want to extend a big THANK YOU to the women from the quilters group who volunteered to make the back packs that the school supplies will go into. There are specific measurements for them so thank you again ladies for your help. Thank you everyone, Mission & Outreach.

Contact Steve Heer (563-556-0606 or 563-451-8063), and/or wait for the temple talk – coming soon to a church near you!
Steve Heer




Our mission is “to lead and to encourage all the disciples to go out with eyes, hearts and hands open to serve others in Christ’s name.”



The Mission and Outreach Committee would like to extend an invitation to all persons who are interested in the projects that Mission and Outreach is involved in. We invite you to help us help the different organizations we support such as Dubuque Food Pantry, Dubuque Rescue Mission, PIN, etc. We are looking for volunteers to help our efforts to enlighten our congregation about these organizations and to help us in supporting the various organizations. Contact Sandy Arp 588-4012 or see the bulletin and/or calendar for the next meeting.


Samaritan Care

Samaritan Care is a ministry of support within the congregation at Lord of Life. It’s intent is to insure that we nourish ourselves to better enable us to nourish and support the world around us.

We share in the joys of members with cards and calls of congratulations; we acknowledge major life events such as birth, wedding, retirement, etc.; and we support each other in times of difficulty. This support may be calls, meals, transportation, or any other means of helping our brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain is maintained by members of the congregation responding to a call for prayer. Prayers are passed along to members of the congregation, who comprise the prayer chain “team”, by telephone and/or email. Prayer requests are taken by the secretary in the church office during regular hours. After hours and on weekends, there are also two members of our congregation who are currently responsible for the phone prayer chain requests. You may contact either Marilyn Koehler or Bernita Gilbertson, who will then pass along the request through the prayer chain.

We invite you to share your prayer concerns whether they be for yourself, family members, friends, or others and whether they may be in times of crises or thanksgiving. If you have any further questions about the Prayer Chain, please contact the church office.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Lord of Life Lutheran Church started a prayer shawl ministry in the fall of 2005. The group gathers the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 7:00 pm to knit or crochet and share prayers and concerns of would-be recipients. Members also knit at home, knitting prayers into the shawls. As shawls are completed, they are passed through our praying hands and blessed. They are then given to people in our congregation, community, or friends and family across the country that are in need of prayers for healing, comfort, support, encouragement, and perhaps celebration.

Fair Trade Coffee

Lord of Life, through a Lutheran World Relief partnership with Equal Exchange, proudly supports fair trade by making available for sale to members and visitors; coffees, teas and snacks from producers in our country and around the world. For twenty years the Equal Exchange worker-owned cooperative dedicated to fair trade, has worked with farmer cooperatives and small producers to help them sell their products for fair prices. Specific guidelines must be met by the producers to assure quality products, and also to qualify as organically produced or shade-grown products. At Lord of Life coffees from Nicaragua and other countries are featured, also hot cocoa mix and chocolate made from Dominican Republic cocoa beans and teas from India, among other products.  Learn more about the history of Equal Exchange. As our slogan reminds us, it’s “good coffee for a good cause”.


Lord of Life Quilting Group

The quilting group meets at 6:30 p.m. the second Monday of the month (Sept-May). The quilts are made in patchwork designs and are finished by tying. All materials are donated. Annually, 30 quilts or more are sent to Lutheran World Relief for worldwide distribution. For more information please contact the church at office@lordoflifedbq.org .

Community Outreach

The Mission and Outreach Committee provides an opportunity for Lord of Life  members to provide and serve the community meal at the downtown St. Luke’s Methodist Church two times per year.


Twice yearly members also provide the entertainment and treats for the monthly birthday party for residents of Luther Manor.

Lord of Life is a part of the Circle of Faith, a partnership of Dubuque Lutheran churches working to support local Habitat for Humanity builds.

Sweet Fellowship

Adults gather for dessert and fellowship. Small groups of 6-8 people meet together in each other’s homes to share dessert and fun and laughter. Groups meet once a month for 3 or 4 months gathering at a different home each month. Groups are re-formed twice per year.  These groups promote community at Lord of Life.